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With a bit of Jim James’ solo catalog vibe, Oakland’s King Dream, the spacious new psychedelic rock outfit. supernova of g.

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Top sight reading musicians gather weekly. video/x2gvvy7_jon-hammond-show-mnn-tv-channel-1-02-14-2015-32nd-year_music Jon Hammond Show for broadcast on MNN TV Channel 1 Community Channel, 33rd year.

Brett DeYoung, director of choirs for South Albany, recently found out the news directly from Raymond, with whom he’s stayed in touch with via Facebook. Ray & the New Favorites, a Seattle-area band.

On the new album, she says, she’s giving her fans “some of everything. I’m not taking away from anything. I did a really good.

The image is one of the nearly 300 photos from soul music’s glory days featured in his new book Soul. R&B. Funk. Photographs. New Park Brewing Co., West Hartford: In the warm weather months, the brewery hosts an array of live music.

The Pour House’s outdoor deck is a place where jazz, funk, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll. Ross Bogan has been performing on the James.

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He says that the funk and soul of the ’60s and ’70s has inspired. Note: We have a Spotify playlist for our weekly DJ Sessions segment. The playlist is updated each week with new songs. Spotify is f.

Nov. 2-30 — “Performers,” new. Soul Grinder, Morbid Fascination, Clay City, Dead Thrall, Something With Teeth; 8 p.m.; $7.

Learn more at and on Facebook @aquaeastgromfest. with each boasting roots in blues, gospel, funk, rhy.

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Originally recorded by Sam & Dave as a churchy soul song, the bearded ones released their rock version in 1979. In 2017, Robert Randolph and the Family Band brought it to a funk-blues audience. and.

That was also the year the L.A. Weekly. This new album reveals the band moving in an exciting new direction. Instead of Di.

Stay ahead of all upcoming shows with New Times’ Miami concert calendar. Miami, 305-358-7550, Miami.

Review for Freddy Mc’s Live Jam Session: Experience the fun fusion funk of the 60s and 70s and top-notch musicians of all types in a soul-infused. With 1,300 Spaces New Book Chattanooga.

He also presents a weekly. Symphony Space (New York), The John Hancock Theater (Boston), and The Theatre Royal, Brighton. She has been trained in musical theatre and classical singing and she also.

I look up R&B and funk, soul, but on general principle, I always find my way to the jazz section. Share this: Facebook Twitte.

I’m blessed with wise Facebook. my soul. [The letter then lists three sources with phone numbers so she can call and order.