Grand Funk At Shea Stadium

The good news for Homer Simpson is that his favorite band — Grand Funk Railroad — is playing only 47. CRAIG: When you play Hyde Park in front of 100,000 and sell out Shea Stadium faster than the.

Grand Funk Railroad, sometimes shortened as Grand Funk, is an American rock band popular during the 1970s, when they toured extensively and played to packed arenas worldwide. David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine once said, "You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad!" Known for their crowd-pleasing arena rock style, the band was well-regarded by.

Features Grand Funk Outdo The Beatles At Shea Stadium. In June 1971, even media types who had never liked GFR’s populist hard rock style had to concede that they’d become one of the biggest.

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Grand Funk Railroad (also known as Grand Funk) is an American rock band that. Grand Funk Railroad · 07/09/1971 · Shea Stadium, Flushing, New York, USA.

Uncertainty about the avail ability of the stadium because of the elongation of. was “very pleased” that a concert had been scheduled at Shea in July (by a group called “The Grand Funk” on July 9).

Shea Stadium is the Rodney Dangerfield of ballparks – it gets. The Beatles opened their 1965 North American tour at Shea before 55,000 screaming fans. Grand Funk Railroad recorded a live album at.

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the Beatles’ record-breaking concert at Shea Stadium. The Beatles broke rock-concert. concert attendance until 1971 when the Michigan rockers Grand Funk Railroad.

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In the bowels of New York’s Shea Stadium – though only they knew it – the Beatles. Sebastian is no longer with them – perhps akin to seeing the 2019 versions of Grand Funk Railroad without Mark.

Pretend you are on a popular game show. The category is “Rock Music of the 1970’s.” The “answer” is: “An American band who is coming to your town to help you party down.”

Janelle Monáe has to be the greatest entertainer on planet earth right now. This show was the perfect combination of music, dance, political rabble rousing, comedy,

Five years after the Beatles left Shea Stadium, the infinitely less talented Grand Funk Railroad sold the stadium out faster than the Fab Four had. Soon to follow were Jethro Tull in 1976, the Who in.

50 TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR. MARK FARNER’S AMERICAN BAND “You can’t talk about rock in the 70s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad.”– David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine. Mark Farner is the reason. As one of the founding members, lead singer, lead guitarist, and wrote more than 90% of the Grand Funk music catalog, Farner has always been known as the energetic driving force on.

Feb 13, 2009. Grand Funk had already set a record by selling out Shea Stadium faster. After a police escort to the backstage area, Grand Funk pulled off.

Grand Funk Railroad’s sold-out show at New York’s Shea Stadium on July 9, 1971 is famous for selling its 55,000 tickets in 72 hours, faster than the Beatles had in August 1965.That record at the.

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It’s honest — and that’s what people picked up on.” Grand Funk Railroad’s first wave of success culminated in July 1971, when the band sold out Shea Stadium’s 55,000 seats in 72 hours. That was faster.

Shea Stadium, which was rich in rock and roll history. In addition to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk Railroad, The Who, Simon &.

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Can you spell W-A-C-O? There have been far worse bands than Grand Funk Railroad, but try to imagine what might have happened if it had been, say, Melanie who had been able to outsell the Beatles at.

Grand Funk Railroad began 1972 as one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most successful bands. But by March, the popular power trio found itself stuck in a legal quagmire. Guitarist and singer Mark Farner.

Aug 8, 2011. Grand Funk Railroad's Captain Mark Farner Raps with Ray Shasho. I think Grand Funk Railroad's appearance at Shea Stadium in 1971 was.

Grand Funk Railroad have taken many‐of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune simply because, for instance, they drew more people than the Beatles to Shea Stadium a couple of years ago, and.

Neil, Young can sell out a series of appearances at Carnegie Hall, and Grand Funk Railroad can play to standing‐room‐only at Shea Stadium. And tomorrow night, teleVision—rarely very successful in.

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“The hippie movement had taken over, and things just took off.” By 1971, Grand Funk had three gold albums and sold out New York’s Shea Stadium in 72 hours, while it took the Beatles two weeks. “We.

E Pluribus Funk is Grand Funk Railroad’s fifth studio album and was released in November 1971 by Capitol Records.Like previous Grand Funk Railroad albums, it was recorded at Cleveland Recording Company and is the final album produced by Terry Knight. The title is a play on the former motto of the US government, E pluribus unum.The original release cover (designed by Ernie Cefalu) was.

Grand Funk Railroad is perhaps one of the most quintessential blues-rock bands of the ‘70s. The band formed in Flint, Michigan, US and their name is a reference to a.

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Grand Funk Railroad were huge during the first half of the ’70s. Every album they released between 1969 and 1975 went either gold or platinum, and in 1971 they even beat the Beatles’ box-office record.

1973’s “American Band,” Grand Funk Railroad had made a name for itself as a loud hard-rock band that recorded mostly original material. The band was so popular at the time they broke the record for.

Le Shea Stadium, situé dans le quartier du Queens à New York, abrite. Nous sommes en 1982 et la fin des Clash approche à grand pas (séparés en 1985).

But you got the feeling that many in the sold-out audience of the mostly middle-aged were either in those crowds at Shea Stadium or wanted to be. and vocalists for the ’95 edition are from Grand.

A news report from WTVT, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida with reporter John Jones at Tampa Stadium is featured on the 2007 DVD/Blu-Ray release of The Song Remains the Same. (A clip of this report was also used to introduce the band at the O2 reunion concert). Press report: LED ZEPPELIN BREAKS ATTENDANCE RECORD AS WELL AS AN OLD BARRIER OF SILENCE Record-breaking tour.

Legendary all-American frontman and guitarist Mark Farner was the engine that pulled the original Grand Funk Railroad to the top of the charts, and today he’s a platinum recording artist 30 times over.

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And when tickets went on sale for the July 9 show at New York’s Shea Stadium, an unbelievable 21,000 fans turned out to snap up all 55,000 seats in record time, demolishing the Beatles’ old record. By.

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD BIO. 50 YEARS OF FUNK "You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad! David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine. Originating from Flint, Michigan in 1969, this top selling American rock group of the 70’s is "COMIN’ TO YOUR TOWN TO HELP YOU PARTY IT DOWN".Grand Funk Railroad

By 1971, the band equaled the Beatles’ Shea Stadium attendance record, which it sold out in 72 hours. By 1972, Grand Funk Railroad let Knight go and years of lawsuits followed. This was a fresh start.